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Newsletter: Spring 2013 
From: John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association, Inc. <>
Subject: Update from John, Brenda, and Becky Vaughn
Icicles in Michigan
Amanda Herb
Amanda Herb, Dr. David Oliver's daughter, 
at Camp CoBeAc
WalkRight Students
WalkRight Students 
and Staff
IPE Block Class
Chaplains' Endorsers
Chaplains' Endorsers
Larry Robbins
Police Chaplain 
Larry Robbins
Westside Baptist Church
Westside Baptist Church
Winter Board Meeting
held at BJU
Fellowship at the Wilds
FBFI South Regional
Music on the Streets of Jerusalem
Click on the picture and listen to beautiful music being played in Old Jerusalem
Erez bar David
Erez bar David
Israel Tour Guide
Pray for Israel:
My friend, Mazen
My friend, Mohammed
Wailing Wall
The Jewish People
Israel Tour Group
Impact on our Tour Group
Jewish Soldiers
Public Servant's Day
Balka Family
Visiting with the Balka Family in Tennessee
Previous members of Faith Baptist Church
Former members of Faith Baptist Church (now in Arizona)
David and Allison Korecki
Listen to us onSermon Audio
April 25, 2013 
Jeff Kahl
Dr. Jeff Kahl


Within three weeks, our ministry took us from the frozen tundra of Central Michigan to the balmy weather of Coastal South Carolina. After preaching atAshley Baptist Church in Belding, Michigan, with Dr. David Oliver, the last week of February was spent teaching a block class on the Gospel of Matthew at the Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute at Camp CoBeAc, in Prudenville, Michigan, and enjoying good fellowship with the director Dr. Jeff Kahl. The second week of March was enjoyed at our little time share apartment in Surfside Beach. Although Brenda went from spending most of her time resting in her bed at home to resting in her bed at the coast, it was a wonderful break from the routine.

Wokaty Family
The Dan Wokaty Family at IPE

Our 2013 travels began with a week of teaching on Pastoral Disciplines at Instituto Practico Ebenezer (IPE) in Hermosillo, Mexico (see more pictures on our facebook page). After a flight to Phoenix, Sunday morning services at Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona, followed by Sunday evening services at Tri-City Baptist Church in Chandler, Arizona, Monday brought the long drive to Hermosillo followed by five days of classes at IPE

Tavis Long
Chaplain Tavis Long

Mid-January included a trip to DC for the annual Pentagon briefing of the Armed Forces Chaplains Board. We met with each of the branch Chief Chaplains ("Two Stars") from the Army, Air Force, and Navy, as well as Department of Defense (DoD) leadership. If you follow the news, you are aware that all Bible-believing chaplains are facing the greatest threats to their ministries that have ever impacted the chaplaincy. Please pray for them. During the visit to DC, the FBFIEndorsing agency leaders met with the leaders of the Associated Gospel Churches (AGC) and the International Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers (ICECE), enjoying fellowship with longtime friends. FBFI Navy Chaplain (LCDR) Tavis Long provided a guided tour of the Pentagon.

Dan Unruh
Dan Unruh

January ended with the FBFI Rocky Mountain Regional meeting at Westside Baptist Churchin Greeley, Colorado, with Pastor Dan Unruh, followed by Sunday services at Westside and Gateway Baptist with Pastor Jim Rice in Loveland. Good fellowship with ministry friends and former church members was a highlight of the trip. 

The Annual FBFI Winter Board Meeting (WBM) was held on the campus of Bob Jones University at the Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary in mid-February. With a great attendance, wonderful meals and informative presentations, the WBM was an effective and edifying work session. The following week, the South Regional FBFI meeting convened again at The Wilds, which always provides the ideal setting for fellowship, food and fun with friends. The speakers were outstanding, and every detail of the meeting contributed to a wonderful time for everyone involved.

Israel Tour Participants
Tour Participants going...again!


One of our favorite family stories is about Becky. When she was eleven years old, she and Marco (a young boy from Guatemala, also badly burned, who lived with us for a few years while undergoing medical care in the US) were staying with a family near Anderson, Indiana, while Brenda and I spoke at a couples' retreat nearby. At the evening meal, Becky looked thoughtfully at her plate and dryly observed, "Hmmm. Sloppy Joes...again." Of course, she was not really thrilled when she said that, but Israel...again (!) is always a thrill. At the end of March, I was able to lead another group (trip #9) to Israel. Trip #10 is scheduled for January 15-25, 2014. The January trip is another Pastors' Tour and we recently learned that a few seats have opened up. This is the best opportunity for pastors and wives to visit Israel at a greatly discounted price. If any of our readers have an interest, visit this link and let us know immediately before these seats are filled.

Glenn and Erin Matthews visiting us from Sydney


In just a few days, Becky will finish another class toward her Masters' Degree, putting her over half way towards graduation. Following board meetings for The Wilds, and Bob Jones University,  and the Home School Graduation at Faith, most of May for me will be invested in ministry overseas. Depending on the health needs at home, which are stable for now, I am off to Australia for the 50th Anniversary of Condell Park Bible Church in Sydney, then to Cebu, Philippines, for one of the Pacific Rim FBFI meetings, local church ministry there, then another Pacific Rim FBFI meeting in Manila. A few days of rest and catching up at the desk will prepare us for the FBFI Annual Fellowship to be hosted by Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, on June 10-14. Best of all, when the bags are unpacked and the laundry is done, we will enjoy a visit from most of the grandkids the following week--our happiest event of the year! 

FrontLine Clubs International

FLC and C&C

Lots of folks picked up sample packets ofFrontLine Clubs (FLC) material at our display at the Baptist Friends Conference last week. As well, Pastor Byron Foxx, the leader of the God Bless America Crusade, to be held this year at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 11-13, is praying with us that the Lord will provide 1000 copies of our book, Courage and Compassion (C&C), as gifts to First Responders who attend on the special 9-11 service. Plans are already underway for the 2014 meeting in Atlanta where another 1000 copies will be needed. God can do this. This Sunday, at Faith Baptist, I will be preaching in the morning service for a Public Servants Sunday. The church will be providing a copy of C&C to all First Responders and elected officials.

Courage and Compassion Cover

In honor of Greenville Sheriff's Dept. Sergeant Skip Hughes (who was recently promoted to heaven), Dawn Hughes has made it possible for a copy of C&C to be given to every officer at the Sheriff's Department. We are praying that the Lord will allow us to place a book in the hand of every officer in the Greater Greenville area, which includes several departments. We recently printed 10,000 copies of the tract, "He That Hath Ears to Hear," as well as 15,000 of Pastor John Judson's testimony tracts, "Did You Come to Alaska to Catch the Big One?" (which he uses in personal evangelism with the thousands of tourists traveling through Ketchikan, Alaska, on the many cruise ships that dock there regularly). We have also just received another order of 10,000 of Becky's tract, "We All Have Special Needs." We are praying for the rest of the funds needed to print "Standing on the Promises."

Brenda and Sherry
Brenda and Sherry


Since our last report, Brenda was able to attend the Christmas Cantata at our home church, Faith Baptist, and one other service in early April. Sherry Zimmer was in the service; the Lord brings the Zimmers alongside at very important times in our lives. They were in Greenville to sing at our son's funeral just when we needed them. Although it was their oldest daughter's health that brought Sherry back to the US this time, the Lord arranged for her to encourage Brenda on one of the rare times she was able to be at church. As she said, "Sherry is always beautiful. I don't look as though I am going to fall over dead any time soon!" No, she doesn't. She is beautiful too! Praise the Lord for all the love and help she is getting from so many dear friends. She tripped on an open drawer recently that caused a new wound on her leg. 

Steven Lee
Steven Lee 
Founder of Sermon Audio


At the end of June, Brenda will have her six-month visit to the Gastroenterologist for a report on the status of her condition. Your prayers and all the help of the folks at Faith are unquestionably extending her life. God continues to pour out His blessings in so many ways. A dear friend recently asked me if there was anything I needed in my ministry. I told him the Lord has always been faithful to provide. "What do you need? Do you have an iPad?" I replied that an iPad was on my prayer list. "I'll get you an iPad." And, he did, within hours. He brought a "new, in-the-box" iPad 4, sat down with me and helped me set it up. Then he handed me a smaller box and said, "This is for Mrs. Vaughn." It was a "new, in-the-box" iPad Mini. "She can use this while she is not able to be on her feet," he said. Praise the Lord!

Love and Prayers,


John, Brenda, and Becky Vaughn

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